Families Benefit

When farm workers and their families live in safe, decent and affordable housing, their children are healthier and do better in school. Families experience less stress, and can devote more resources to food, clothing, health care and other needs.

Agriculture Benefits

Employees in secure housing provide a more stable and dependable work force for one of the county’s most important industries.

Community Benefits

Neighborhoods are improved when substandard, overcrowded housing is replaced by well-designed, properly maintained homes that provide adequate parking and dedicated play areas.

Our Mission

We promote safe, decent, secure, and affordable housing for Ventura County farm workers and their families through education and advocacy.

Farm workers are the backbone of Ventura County agriculture. Ventura County’s farms and ranches employ approximately 42,000 men and women. These farm workers are critical to Ventura County’s $2 billion-a-year agricultural industry. Without them, crops would not be harvested, and the lush local landscape of green fields and orchards would go untended.
This combination of low wages and high housing costs means farm workers often must pool their resources to live in overcrowded apartments, motel rooms or houses. Sometimes they live in garages or sheds neither intended nor fit for human habitation. Read more >>

Making An Impact In Our Community






House Farm Workers recently advocated for the approval of the 360-unit farmworker housing project, the largest farmworker housing project in the County. Click HERE to learn more about this upcoming housing project that will benefit a huge number of farmworker families.


Find out how you can part of this advocacy work HERE.


The goal of the Farmworker Immersion project is to deepen students’ understanding of farm worker issues by experiencing, if only for a day, the working and living conditions of some farm worker families in Ventura County. During the immersion, students have the opportunity to pick and pack produce in the fields, as well as tour a farm worker housing development and speak with farm worker families about what access to safe, decent, and affordable housing has meant for them.

Click HERE to check out a film made by our 2017 Farmworker Immersion group.



Click HERE to learn more about the Ellen Brokaw House Farm Workers!program.